Elevate your airport travel

Forego dirty taxis, ride shares, shuttles, or public transit. Jeevz will take you to, or from the airport in the comfort and cleanliness of your own car. Jeevz returns your car home so you don’t pay for expensive parking in a dirty airport garage.

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First class airport travel for first class travelers

Sensible fixed pricing

No surge pricing, airport fees, or expensive parking.

Members-only service

Unlike ride-shares, Jeevz services a small local community.

Lower personal exposure

Jeevz hourly rate model means drivers service fewer clients per day.

End-to-end concierge

Jeevz coordinates your pick up or drop-off with your flight status so you're never waiting.

Jeevz is the safest way to go to and from the airport when you don’t want to drive yourself

Jeevz helps reduce your exposure to COVID when you go out.

The average rideshare vehicle has 6 million germs and the average rental car has 3 million. Minimize your risk by using Jeevz and your own car.

Average germs found in alternatives:
Ride shares
6 million
Rental cars
3 million
Most common germ* deposits in rideshares:

5 million

found on window buttons

1 million

found on seatbelts


found on door handles

* Measured in colony-forming units (CFUs) per square inch; Source - Netquote study Geourge Petras / USA today

We take your safety seriously as Florida opens back up.

Temperature check

Jeevz drivers take their temperature before servicing you.

Masks & gloves

Jeevz drivers wear masks and gloves for your protection.

Touch-point cleaning

Car interior wipe down with disinfectants upon request.

Limited exposure

Jeevz drivers only service a limited number of clients.

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